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Pest Control in Hertfordshire

A pest infestation is not a pleasant experience for anyone to deal with, and whilst we all take precautions in our homes or workplaces to prevent pests such as rats and mice from entering, there can be gaps and cracks that they can slip through. Even the cleanest, most secure home can still be a haven for rodents as well as other pests such as cockroaches and wasps.

Pest control services pest control in Hertfordshire are a vital service in the fight against these pests and there are many different types of treatments available depending on the type of pest you are dealing with. These can be divided into three main categories; Physical, Chemical and Biological.

Physical pest control involves putting up physical barriers to stop pests from entering a property. This can involve removing or blocking nests, putting up physical barriers around doors and windows to stop them opening & ‘pest proofing’ buildings in the first place to prevent them from getting in in the future. This is the most common method of pest control for household & commercial pest problems.

Chemical pest control uses a range of chemicals to kill or repel pests. This can include baits, sprays, gels & insecticides. This form of pest control is most often used for insect infestations, such as cockroaches, ants & wasps.

Biological pest control is one of the oldest forms of pest control and involves introducing natural predators into an environment to reduce a specific pest population. This is not the most common of pest control methods but can be effective for certain situations.

Rodents are the most common pests that we are called out to deal with, especially in food & hospitality premises. Mice & rats can enter through holes in the walls and roof of properties as well as accessing them through open drains. Often a professional trapping programme is the best way to tackle these problems. Birds such as pigeons & gulls also pose a threat and can cause damage to ledges, roof tops & derelict buildings. Similarly, squirrels can be a real nuisance and cause serious damage to pipes, timber & electrical cables.

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