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New Era Moving Services

New Era Moving Services is an interstate moving broker that acts as a middleman between consumers and licensed carrier motor carriers. It does not own or operate any trucks, but it does generate quotes for customers based on the availability of such licensed carriers in its network. Those quotes are based on the shipment’s origin and destination, plus any additional services requested by the consumer.

The company has been in business for over 20 years and provides residential and commercial moving services, including pre-move planning, packing, unpacking, reassembling, and storage. It also provides a variety of specialty items, such as glassware and paintings. New Era Moving Services serves the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. areas.

Asked why her company received such high marks on a site that ranks moving companies, the CEO of new era moving services said that the company takes its responsibility seriously and works to uphold a high level of service. She added that the company is not interested in merely satisfying its customers, but in exceeding their expectations.

Earlier this year, lawyer Lask sued Gold Standard Relocation and New Era Relocation LLC under the federal RICO statute for what she alleges is operating a racketeering criminal enterprise with national reach. The defendants and their attorneys denied the allegations in court documents.

In addition to Gold Standard, the company that relocated Pompliano and Spinner, was also formerly known as Relocate US, Liberty Bell Moving Group, Keystone Moving Group, and Armada Moving Group LLC, according to Florida public records. The companies and their owners have shifted identities, changed names, and dissolved or merged as the business has evolved.

As of late, movers have been accused of holding their consumers’ possessions hostage and demanding payments to recover them. The practice is enabled by a legal loophole in the 1906 Carmack Amendment, which limits liability for lost or damaged goods to an agreed-upon value that many consumers don’t realize when they sign their contracts. The low dollar amount can barely cover a moving firm’s lawyers’ fees, let alone the cost of replacing valuable possessions with intrinsic personal meaning. Many victims say they are desperate to see lawmakers and the DOT take action to stop it.

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