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How to Find the Best Option Alert Service for Beginners

One way to find the best option alert service for your needs is to follow the trades of successful traders. Some of the top alert services for options are Benzinga Stocks to Watch, Mindful Trader, and Optionsonar. Each has unique features, so be sure to check out their websites to see which ones can benefit you most. But remember: these are just some of the available options alert services for beginners. You can find many more in our comparison table below.

Benzinga Stocks To Watch

One of the best ways to stay on top of Benzinga’s list of stocks¬†the best options alert reviews to watch is to sign up for an alert service. Such alerts are easy to use and provide plenty of information on a particular stock. You can choose between the standard alert service and the Benzinga Pro edition, which provides a range of customizable alerts for various aspects of a company’s stock, from sentiment indicators to news articles. You can even access the Benzinga news desk and chat with articles authors. Benzinga also provides a news feed with news about block trades, which are important developments affecting stock supply and demand balance.

Benzinga is an excellent news source. Founded in 2010, Benzinga is a leading newswire that employs a team of reporters. They also have their own live newsdesk and regularly provide data to news outlets and brokerages. Benzinga also partners with leading trading news feeds. With this combination, it creates excellent value for traders. To learn more, sign up for a free Benzinga Pro account.

Motley Fool Options

Motley Fool Options is an options alerts service from a company that’s known for its stock-picking expertise. The service began in 2009 and has a proven track record of producing 85% profitability. This is a highly regarded option-trading service, and the team behind it has been in the business for more than ten years. In addition to its option alerts, Motley Fool Options offers an education program called OptionsU. These courses cover everything from basic stock trading principles to advanced options strategies.

While most investors will not have the time to monitor the market around the clock, this service will keep you informed of new recommendations every month. The Motley Fool has been a leading option trader for almost 30 years, and its reputation relies on good options investment recommendations. While this service is geared towards investors and swing traders, day traders will want to go with a more active service. For investors with a longer time horizon, Motley Fool Options is the perfect choice.

Mindful Trader

One of the best options alert services available is Mindful Trader. This service gives you recommendations based on extensive backtesting that spans more than 20 years. Subscribers can expect anywhere from six to eight picks each week. The picks are typically buys, but you can also short sell. Mindful Trader is worth a look for its extensive data and statistical approach to stock picking. It also offers subscribers the option to jump into one of Ferguson’s trades.

The monthly subscription to Mindful Trader costs $47 per month, which is not outrageous. A subscription to the service provides you with one or three options picks a day, with detailed information about entry and exit prices, profit targets, stop-loss, and time limit. Mindful Trader also offers educational materials, such as videos, that you can use to get a better understanding of the platform. There is also no risk or obligation to sign up for a paid subscription if you’re not satisfied with its service.


There are a number of advantages to using Optionsonar, including its wide range of tools. But in order to get the most out of this option alert service, you must understand how to interpret the data it presents. Optionsonar is not the only platform that focuses on unusual options activity. Traders can take advantage of various angles that Optionsonar provides to view order activity, including sweeps and block trades. The lack of customization in the dashboard and the inability to create multiple watchlists are both major shortcomings, but the data presentation is excellent.

With Optionsonar, you can follow unlimited stocks and set alert filters based on your own criteria. The service also has scanners that focus on new positions, stocks that have recently been traded, and market-wide ETFs. You can even subscribe to the Advanced plan to receive alerts for unusual activity, including unusual option volume and volatility. You can save 30% on the monthly price of your subscription by paying annually.

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