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How to Find an Electrician in Glasgow

When looking for an electrician in Glasgow, it is important to choose a registered professional. There are some basic things to look for, including the job description, qualifications, and call out fee. In addition, it is essential to know where to find the best rates. This article aims to help you find the right electrician in Glasgow.

Job description

Job description for electrician in Glasgow: An electrician is someone who installs, repairs and replaces electrical wiring in buildings. This read more career requires you to use a variety of tools and techniques. For instance, you may install circuit breakers, switches, and run electrical cables through walls. You may also use tensioning devices to connect wires. Electricians may even perform field testing of electric motors.

If you are a graduate with electrical experience, or have some experience in the facilities management field, you may be interested in a Maintenance Electrician role in Glasgow. This role will give you excellent training and career prospects. You will be required to perform reactive maintenance work for a large client. You’ll have 40 hours per week to complete projects, adhere to health and safety policies, and provide great customer service.


A qualified electrician in Glasgow can perform all sorts of electrical work, from rewiring a bathroom to repairing a faulty electrical socket. A qualified electrician can also complete commercial and industrial jobs. These professionals have many years of experience and are qualified to work with both domestic and commercial properties. To get a free quote, visit PWS Electrical Services Ltd, a leading electrical service provider in Glasgow. The company’s staff are friendly and highly trained. They have a wealth of experience in domestic and commercial electrical work and are registered with SELECT.

Qualified electricians in Glasgow can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to complete any job. Electrical work in your home should meet national safety standards. A qualified electrician will always adhere to building regulations.


If you’re thinking about a career as an electrician in Glasgow, you should know that the city has a high demand for the work. If you’re an electrician in Glasgow, you can expect to earn a good salary in this city. The salaries are higher in Glasgow than in many other parts of Scotland.

The salary of an electrician in Glasgow is around PS40,316, which is about PS18 per hour. This is 7.0% more than the national average, and 17.8% more than the average salary for electricians in Glasgow. These figures are based on survey data from Glasgow employers. Entry-level electricians earn on average PS26,975 per year, while senior-level electricians earn on average PS45,766.

Call out fee

If you are looking for an electrician in Glasgow, you may want to know how much their call out fee is. It is generally slightly higher than the national average, but this can also depend on the area. In rural areas or in remote locations, an electrician may charge extra for travel time or labour.

The price of a service call will vary according to the area and the experience of the electrician. In Glasgow, a standard hourly rate is around PS40, but costs can be slightly higher in some areas of the city, such as London and the south-east. Some electricians will choose to set a daily rate, which may be around PS200 or PS250. This fee will include the time spent traveling to and from the job site, as well as the cost of any small parts.


There are several options for training as an electrician in Glasgow. One option is to study as an apprentice. This is an accredited training scheme which involves completing a work-based course and earning an industry-approved qualification. This course covers all aspects of commercial and industrial installations and requires a keen eye for detail, analytical approach, and a questioning attitude.

The training will vary depending on the type of electrician you wish to become. However, a foundational course is a good idea, as this will lay the groundwork for your career as an electrician. It will teach you basic electrical knowledge, as well as advanced skills. It will also prepare you to go on to further study and get your Advanced Diploma.

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