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Hollow-core molded doors

Whether you’re upgrading an old door or adding a new one, there are some basic steps you should take to find the best house door for your home. First, you must determine the exact measurements of your existing door. These measurements should include the height of the jamb, the width of the frame, and the trim around the door. Then, add an additional 2 inches to the height and width measurements for the size of the door opening.

Interior doors

When it comes to interior doors, there are plenty of options. Choose from wood, metal, molded composites, fiberglass, acrylic, and more. The material will have a big effect on the overall look and feel of the door. For example, solid wood doors provide a natural, warm feeling to any room, as well as excellent insulation and sound resistance.

Interior doors have a long history, and their earliest origins can be traced to the ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists found wooden doors inside tombs, and the house door ruins of ancient Greek and Roman houses show their popularity as well. These people created single, double, and folding doors, as well as automatic doors. Today, these doors are most common in modern homes, complementing a minimalistic look.

Hollow-core molded house doors are great alternatives to stile-and-rail doors. They can be made from MDF or wood veneers and have one fiber-filled core. These doors are typically less expensive than solid-core doors, though they still have limitations when it comes to durability.

These doors are inexpensive and come in a variety of styles, including the popular molded or flush-style. Many come primed and ready to paint. They also carry a five-year warranty. They are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and pantries.

Sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors require more upkeep than ordinary doors, as they are exposed to dust and stains. This means they require frequent maintenance to keep them operating smoothly. Moreover, they can easily become fingerprint magnets, especially in harsh climates. Often, people just push up the glass without touching the main handle or knob, and this leads to fingerprint formation in a short amount of time.

Sliding glass house doors also feature large glass panes that let natural light into the house throughout the day. The panes run the length of the door panel, covering the entire surface. While ample natural light makes a home look more attractive, it also helps reduce energy costs. Another benefit of sliding glass doors is their ability to keep dust, draughts, bugs, and noise at bay.

Pre-hung doors

There are many advantages of installing a pre-hung house door. These include a ready-made doorframe, the door itself, and its installation. They also come in left-handed and right-handed setups and a wide variety of styles. In addition, you can choose between inswing, outswing, and dual-swing options.

To install a prehung door, the first step is to measure the door opening. You should ensure that the rough opening is at least two to two 1/2 inches wider than the door itself. Also, you should be sure that the thickness of the jamb matches the thickness of the wall. When installing a prehung door, be sure to use plumb trimmers to ensure a square, parallel, and level installation.

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