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Bill Bhangal, Former Conservative Party Candidate in Brampton

Last month, Gurmeet “Bill” Bhangal, a former Conservative Party candidate in Brampton, Ontario, was found guilty of one count of sexual assault. Bhangal was found guilty of driving his victim to a secluded spot in Brampton in April 2011 and kissing her under her clothes. He was sentenced to four months’ house arrest. The judge categorized the crime as low to moderate.

Bill Hundal

In 2006, Bill Hundal was sentenced to six years in state prison on six counts of lewd acts. The prosecution introduced videotapes of the Hundal family and testimony from a police officer who found adult pornography on Hundal’s computer. During the trial, the victim testified and the court rejected Hundal’s request to have Lowenstein act as co-counsel.

The Bill Bhangal incident shook the family. M.’s father had rubbed her private area, and M.’s mother was horrified. She called the police after she explained what had happened.

Jiffy Lube

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Business model

One of the keys to success for Bill Bhangal is building trust with consumers. In this day and age, consumers tend to patronize businesses they know and trust. Yet, they are bombarded with as many as 3,000 advertisements every day, so it’s vital to emphasize personal service. Moreover, bad locations and unprofessional staff can impede sales. However, a simple change in attitude and training can help improve productivity and raise sales.

The Jiffy Lube chain has grown dramatically in recent years. With 44 locations in Ontario alone, it’s nearly double the number of its competitors. It spends between three and five percent of sales revenue on advertising. While it doesn’t advertise on a national scale, Jiffy Lube hopes that consumers will continue to keep their vehicles, even as they get older.

Sexual assault charges

Sexual assault charges against Bill Bhangal have been dismissed after a court hearing. A judge ruled that the judge was wrong to find that Bhangal texted the complainant before the assault. The woman had testified that she wanted to record the act so that she could look at it later, but the judge ruled that Bhangal did not intentionally send her a text message.

The complainant also reported the incident to her immediate supervisor and her mother, who both called the police. Bhangal denied the charges but testified that he was accompanied by a senior manager. Two witnesses also supported Bhangal’s version of events. One was a former Progressive Conservative party candidate who had been the campaign manager when Bhangal was charged. The other witness said she saw Bhangal and the complainant leave the store after checking signs, but never mentioned the senior manager. The judge found both witnesses’ testimony credible, although the Crown suggested that Bhangal had conspired with them to give himself an alibi.

Prison sentence

In February, Bill Bhangal was found guilty of a single count of sexual assault against an 18-year-old woman. The assault took place at a secluded spot in Brampton. The judge characterized the crime as “low to moderate” and gave Bhangal a four-month house arrest sentence.

The woman claimed that Bhangal stalked her and harassed her for several months. After finding an 80-page letter from Bhangal, police searched her home and discovered several weapons, including imitation firearms, imitation grenades, Samurai swords, and acidic substances. Bhangal pleaded guilty to possessing an imitation firearm and breaching a restraining order.

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