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Arkansas Requires Continuing Education For Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Continuing education is an essential part of maintaining a real estate license. The requirements for real estate CE vary by state. In general, brokers and salespersons are required to take a specific number of hours of continuing education each year. A few states require a special first renewal to retain an active license. This special renewal may require a larger number of hours of post-licensing education. There are a number of online options available to meet the CE needs of real estate professionals.

The state of Arkansas requires a number of continuing education courses to be taken annually. These courses must be approved by the Commission, and they must be completed during the fiscal year that precedes the license’s renewal. These courses may be offered online or by a real estate school, but are generally limited to a specific number of hours. The real estate continuing education Arkansas Board of Real Estate Appraisers does not require that these hours be completed during the license period. This makes it easier to keep track of which courses to complete.

In addition to taking continuing education courses, real estate agents and brokers may also want to consider the top real estate designations. These designations, like the CRS, can help you level up in your field. This is because they provide real estate professionals with important information about their industry. For example, the CRS has a checklist of things to know about cybersecurity, while the MLS has a list of things to know about real estate finance.

If you are looking for a quality CE course, then look no further than WebCE. The online learning provider offers a wide array of CE courses designed by experts in their field. They also have an online tracking system that allows you to view a complete CE record. They have also been endorsed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), so you know you are working with a top-notch provider. The company offers an easy to navigate site and the course packages are straightforward and easy to understand.

WebCE also offers a number of other services for real estate professionals. They offer CPA CPE courses, as well as insurance and cyber security CE. These courses are available online, making it easier for professionals to take their CE courses on their own schedule. They also offer volume discounts for multiple states, so you can earn your CPA CPE credits with ease. WebCE also has a support team that can help you with any questions you may have about real estate CE.

The best part about taking online CE courses is that you can learn from your own schedule, rather than the schedule of a classroom instructor. You can also learn about a number of important issues, such as the laws governing the sale of real estate, or how to handle a breach of contract. The website offers a number of free demos for courses, so you can try them out before you buy. The website has a clean and modern design that makes it easy to find the CE courses you need.

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