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Alberta Province Vehicle Inspection Program

The Alberta Province Vehicle Inspection Program is a program that mirrors those of other provinces. It focuses on the safety of both commercial and passenger vehicles. It also inspects vehicles involved in collisions. If your vehicle is being driven outside the province, you must have it inspected before you leave the province.

Inspecting your vehicle for an out-of-province inspection

Before you can get an Alberta licence plate, you must have your motor vehicle pass an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection (OOP). This inspection is an essential part of the licensing process and involves a basic safety and mechanical assessment of your vehicle. It must be conducted by a licensed journeyman technician and takes approximately two hours to complete. During the mechanical fitness part of the inspection, the mechanic will check virtually every component of your vehicle, including tires, steering suspension, and brake systems.

The out-of-province inspection process includes checking whether your vehicle meets the standards set by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. This Visit here inspection is compulsory for vehicles coming from another province and must meet the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Standards. It is important to make sure that all parts of your vehicle are functioning properly.


In Alberta, you must purchase an out-of-province inspection certificate for your vehicle before it can drive legally. This inspection is required if you are planning on entering Alberta within 90 days. However, some vehicles can qualify for an exemption if they were purchased from a province that doesn’t require it. This includes vehicles from Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

An out-of-province inspection can take up to two hours. The mechanic will check each component of the car for corrosion and structural integrity.


The Alberta province has very strict inspection requirements when it comes to vehicle safety. All vehicles registered in the province must be inspected before they can be registered. Even if a vehicle is new and has never been inspected before, it may still need to be inspected within the first 90 days. There are several technicalities involved in this process.

Most provinces require a vehicle to undergo an inspection before it can be registered. In Alberta, this inspection is referred to as an Out-of-Province inspection. If a vehicle is older than 10 years, it must also have an insurance inspection.

Authorized mechanics in Alberta

Alberta’s collision repair industry is regulated by the Alberta Apprenticeship. Most shops comply with the regulations without facing legal action, but in a few cases, noncompliance has led to court action. The Alberta Apprenticeship is a supportive organization, and they have made a great effort to help these shops comply.

Auto mechanics in Alberta are required to have at least a Grade 10 education and a registration apprenticeship. For those who want to get started, the apprenticeship process starts with an entrance assessment test and training. Then, you need to find an employer for your apprenticeship. While most employers prefer high school graduates, they can also select apprentices from within their current workforce.

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